Chakra Care Ideas for All Ages... Learn & Heal While Having Fun

Welcome to Chakras 4 All, where we can all learn about our chakras, heal our energy bodies and have fun doing it!

If you're here, I know you are ready to go deeper into the health of your energy body. You may even be wanting to teach your children or grand children.

Energy Care for Everyone...

This is a place for all ages to learn about chakra and energy body health and happiness. The goal with this website, is keeping chakra health fun, easy and practical.

As a mom, and someone who has worked in social services, teaching and mentoring at risk youth, I am particularly interested in making energy body care fun and accessible to everyone.

Practical Ideas for Chakra Care...

Chakra self-care is a subject largely ignored in many societies, but I believe everyone can benefit from more education and more ways to engage with this information.

We all have our own beautiful, unique and miraculaous energy bodies, so let's get familiar and explore together.

I believe most of us learn best through experience and through fun. That's why I'm creating lots of ways to engage with this information.

You'll find coloring pages, art and craft projects, experiencial ideas and other practical ways of learning about, healing and celebrating your chakras.

If you like learning and/or teaching through art, crafts, printables, rituals, experiencial ideas and other practical methods, you've come to the right place!

What next?

***This site is just getting started... if you are visiting in the early days, please bookmark this page and come back in a few weeks.